• Typefaces available from Ian Farnam Art & Design are the intellectual property of their respective designers, with licensing rights and trademarks governed by the company.
• Font licenses are offered with limitations detailed in the license texts below and the invoice accompanying the font file delivery.
• Licenses are perpetual, and require no recurring fees.
• Licenses can be upgraded at any point. Our webshop will only charge the difference.
• Once you download and/or install and/or use the font files, you are confirming you understand and agree to the terms of this agreement, and that you have the authority to bind the person or entity specified on your sales receipt to the terms of this agreement.
You get
• Limited installable fonts with a minimal character set (A–Z, a–z, 0–9 and basic punctuation).
You may
• Install the fonts on a personal computer/workstation.
• Use the fonts for internal testing purposes.
• Use the fonts for presenting possible artistic directions to clients.
• Use school projects
You may not
• Produce commercial work with the font files.
• Upload the font files to a web server and embed them in a website.
• Modify the font files.
• Redistribute or sell the font files.
• Reuse the font files, or portions of the font files, in commercial or open-source projects.